Monday, September 21, 2009


More Smallwood fun! Can you tell I like the Catskills? Although this looks more like the Hamptons with the madras pattern on the word lake...

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I really didn't like this when I first penned it in. I thought I went too heavy on the 'trail', but I realize that the trail I was drawing was actually that heavy. It was a black tar trail on the edge of Atlantic Higlands, NJ, along the water. The sky was blue and yellow and the willow swayed in the wind. As I look at it now I see that I did capture some bit of the essence of that man-made trail. As beautiful as the view from the trail is, the actual road is just that... A road... BORING! And you know what??? My word 'trail' is kind of boring too... I guess I did an okay job after all...

Monday, September 14, 2009


So I'm reliving the good times of my summer through these sketches. I was lounging on the beach of Smallwood Lake in the Catskills, looking across the lake at this log cabin. I have to say that I love me a log cabin. It was fun to draw this because of all the textures. Some people really like my more architectural stuff. This is for you guys. Enjoy!

3 wheels

I drew this at my mother's house and she said, "It's nice, but the proportions are all wrong." And you wonder why I didn't draw when I was a kid? Never-the-less, I like this sketch and isn't that what really matters for something that comes from your heart?


I spent a bunch of time with my mom this summer. One place was their cabin in the Catskills (a sketch of that is coming soon). It has the best vintage fridge and I had to draw it. Although this is not the most elaborate of things, the art deco shapes are irresistible. Check out the handle. It is so sturdy and make a big click when you open it. How could you not love that?