Saturday, October 3, 2009

drink me

My family is the ultimate in reusing things. This jug was brought to my aunt's house about 10 years ago from my father. He said he loved this apple juice and wanted everyone to try it. Not only that, check out the bottle it comes in? My dad was really in love with the Martinelli apple juice bottles and now his sister was falling for them too. Well she fell hard because she kept the damn bottle for 10 years! I have to admit, I love them too. They are simple and really do make you think of an apple with the leaves at the top. The lemon/lime-aid my aunt made was pretty damn good too. My father, a true granola wanna-be hippie, would have loved the reuse this bottle has gotten and the would have enjoyed the sweet juice that had a few sprigs of mint to spice it up. You go Aunt Joy!

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