Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I suck!!! Seriously... My boyfriend and I went to a 40th birthday party at Brooklyn Bowl last weekend (I bet you thought this was headed in an entirely different direction). We showed up fashionably late (well maybe a little more than fashionably) and had to make up for lost time so we had to bowl about 6 sets in a row. Well I didn't hit one pin!!! I had more success with the sketch I drew at the kids birthday party I was at earlier that day (also at Brooklyn Bowl)... That's right... Two parties at the same place, on the same day with very different vibes...

After the bowling embarrassment we hung around and watched the burlesque show that was happening... It was...okay... At least it was more fun than a Real Estate seminar... But the real fun started when we visited my cousin at the bagel shop she works at. We hung out till 4am and ended the night laughing with a mouth full of poppy seeds! It was a perfect night in Brooklyn...

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  1. I suck at bowling too, but I've been getting better lately because I go to the Monday afternoon unemployment special at the Diversey Rock 'n Bowl in Chicago, where it costs $1 per person per game from noon to five. Maybe I'll go pro.