Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm constantly on the search for quarters. Sometimes I feel like a junkie going to the bodega across the street from my apartment begging for a dollar or two worth of quarters. My hand starts shaking as I put my bills on the counter asking for the beloved silver round objects that complete me. I feel obliged to buy some shitty candy that I, of course, eat it in a second. If my kids are with me I have to hold off on the candy and get something on the healthy side, which sucks because you know I just want a 100 Grand Bar or a bag of Swedish Fish. But there I go with a bizarre shaped bag of peanuts and rains just so my kids don't OD on sugar. And believe me they can.

My other gripe with doing laundry is separating clothes. I've decided to just fuck it and throw it all into one machine on cold! I save so much money that way. Put all the dirty clothes into the oversize machine and pay less than using 2 small ones.

But what about detergent? My ex had such sensitive skin I had to make sure to only use completely granola, all natural products. After we split up he came by to pick up the kids with red blotches all over and I knew immediately that he was using the wrong detergent. How pathetic is that???


  1. I love the way you incorporate type into your sketches.


  2. Don't you ever wonder why your clothes turn out so murky in appearance?

  3. missG..i feel so sorry that nobody ever comments on your site.

  4. why feel sorry? I enjoy doing it and isn't that what really matters? you commented and that makes it all worth it. :)