Monday, March 23, 2009

pretty backyard and acupuncture

A couple of weeks ago I spent a great weekend at my BFFs house in NJ (no comments please). This is a sketch I did of their back yard.

There was a group of us from Jr. High that all slept over. It was a blast! One of my friends from the days of smelly pits and greasy hair married an acupuncturist who offered us free sessions. I, of course, asked for something to help slow me down. He proceeded to put 10 needles in my back and a few on my arms.

I began to feel a tingle and was nearly relaxed when I noticed a strange sound. It was some kind of slurping. Suddenly the door swings open and my friend says "MUTTLEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" Muttley is my 14 year old mutt. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what it was. Within seconds every window is open, I'm freezing my ass off and can't move bec. I have a total of 12 needles in my body, not to mention the smell is making my eyes bleed!

Luckily I have a good friend who cleaned up the gift from my incontinent dog, but couldn't quite get my shoes back to a normal state.

As is with my life, I must face reality and realize that I am not allowed to relax, no matter how hard I try. Even with needles pressing into specific spots hoping to force some relaxation and to ease some tension, it is not allowed.

One day I'll have to post about how I nearly died from a pimple and got a toothbrush enlodged in my throat...

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