Friday, March 27, 2009

step UP

This is the bane of my existence! Yes a step stool. I am the size of most 9 year olds and feel like I spend half my life either on a step stool or looking for one. If someone comes into my store over 5'3" I put their asses to work because there is so much stuff I can't reach! I sent a friend of mine into shock when he realized I am only a few inches from being a dwarf. People have walked right into me because the didn't see me. I just can't wear heels all the time. One time I was on the bus and these 12 year olds started a fight with me because they thought I was some kid from their school! It just ain't right!

Lucky for me I'm pretty damn cute and get away with all kinds of stuff because of my vertically challenged stature. People offer to help me and give me all their clothes that are too small. I wear kids sizes and they are so much cheaper than adult stuff, especially sneakers. So it isn't all bad. Just wish my life wasn't ruled by a step stool!


  1. C'mon, you must have some sparkly rave platforms swimming around the deep closets of mem'ry!

  2. How did you know? Unfortunately they are so old the heels have nearly disintegrated.