Saturday, March 28, 2009

tippy... pull me...

My life is run amok by toys. I'm surrounded by them. If not my kids toys all over my apartment, it's toys in my store. People bombarded me with questions about toys thinking I must know about every brightly colored, plastic play thing out there. I guess it's my fault for opening a kids store. But I actually really love feeling like people look up to me and trust my opinion. Just another ego booster, which I am always desperately looking for.

Along with my superior knowledge of things kids like to play with, I'm a bit of a vintage toy nut. I mean there are people way worse than me, but I'm pretty bad. Customers come into the store and want to buy some of my classic Fisher-Price goodies so I slap outrageous prices on them to snuff the sale. I love the bright colors, the basic shapes and the nostalgia of knowing some kid my parents (or grandparents) age played with these vintage objects. Just think of the 30 year old buggers smeared on these cute play things!

For accuracy sake, it is not Tippy the Turtle, it is Tip Toe Turtle, but I love Tippy and wanted to represent. He taught kids to duck and cover in case of a nuclear attack. What could be better than that? If you've never seen The Atomic Cafe check it out. Although the last time I saw it I was in high school, so it could really suck.

I'm not really into fat guys, but Humpty is an exception! He lost his pull string so I wrote 'pull me' to throw some Bklyn sarcasm his way. He looks so happy and the dumb ass doesn't even have a string. Good thing he doesn't have to duck and cover!

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