Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Some days I am more pathetic than others. I did this on one of my more pathetic days. I was feeling super lonely and instead of picking the phone to call someone I just looked at it hoping it would ring. I went on feeling sorry for myself and drew this picture. Could I be more of a looser?

The irony of this story is that I began the drawing at my store on a very slow day. Boo hoo for me... That night I was off to meet some friends so I continued the sketch on the train. Of course the very pathetic, lonely MissG ran into a friend on the subway, making my sad image sort of obsolete. But after my friend got off the train I went back to my dark place and finished the drawing. I think I colored it in the next day because I ended up hanging out relatively late and I'm sure I was a bit too drunk. All that feeling sorry for myself and I spent a night with all kinds of people who still didn't call me! Pathetic!

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