Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A few weeks ago I wrote about Mirrors on Grand and the awesome funk band that plays there once a month. L.I.G. has been around for years. I drew this picture of the guitar players left handed guitar. Not sure I got it right, but I tried my best. I interviewed Durand, the guitar player, to get a little more info about this amazing band that is way under the radar. Here is the interview:

What does L.I.G. stand for?
Love is God.....(Not Dogmatic by any

What instrument do you play?

How long have you been a member of the band?
2 years...if you count my oblivious hiatus.

How long has the band been in existence?
Don't know.

What is your most memorable gig?
I forgot....I know I had a good time though.

What is your favorite place to play?
Mirrors on Grand!!!!

What is your favorite music to play?
Jam Band music.

Do you play original music?
Not yet.

Who is the oldest member of L.I.G.?

Can you think of anything else I might want to know about your band?
L.I.G. is a group of neighborhood music lovers with some talent....The unique thing is the authenticity in grove. It comes from the love of music...While we play covers..they are the ones the last time they were heard you were probably a it a nostalgic quality. We often get..."Wow...I haven't heard that in a long time!" We're always learning new material which moves us away from the same ol' same ol'.

L.I.G's next appearance is at Mirrors on the Grand in Brooklyn....April 25th. 5ish. Check them out!


  1. What a silly interview! Not worth the time.

  2. Kind of the point. You should just go see them. Thanks for checking out the post even though it wasn't worth it. :)