Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I went to see a friend's funk band at the bar across from my store. I was craving a bloody mary, but the bartender didn't have the mix. I settled for a rum punch. It was so tasty. I realized that sweet drinks like rum punch could seriously turn me into a blathering drunk. And that drink was sweeeet!

Now I'm not saying I'm an alcoholic (well maybe I am but I'm just not ready to admit that I'm powerless over alcohol yet) but it is tempting. Sometimes I think about going the route of my all time favorite drunk, Charles Bukowski. I mean that man was brilliant! But he sure didn't dig sweet drinks, so I might not be cut out for that kind of imbibing.

Speaking of sweet, if you are interested in checking out a sweet bar in Clinton Hill, definitely stop by Mirrors on Grand. The owner, Michelle, is super cool and has really done a nice job making it a true neighborhood spot despite some bad reviews early on. Two cheers to another woman owned business! Yeah, I'm sexist and I like my drinks. Got something to say about it?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!!!! L.I.G will be at Mirrors on Grand the last Saturday of every month... I guess I better get some Bloody Marys ready for