Sunday, April 19, 2009

silent movie

You know by now that I have this ongoing love affair with vintage toys from the 60s + 70s. Here is one of my absolute favorites; the Fisher-Price Movie Viewer. The best part is that there is no sound. The movies can be seen at any speed you want depending on how fast or slow you wind the crank (on the other side) which makes them doubly entertaining and pretty tripy.

I have to say, this is my my favorite sketch as of late. It looks like a still from Barbarella or some kind of ray gun toy, which is destined to be my next obsession. Those 1950s tin toys are so sweet. My mother used to collect them. I remember talking to my mother about my vintage toy collection and she just couldn't understand how toys from the 70s could be considered vintage. Shit, toys from the 80s are vintage! I'm sure my kids will be talking about the classics from the year 2000 when they are in their 30s and I'm going to look at them like they are crazy too.

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  1. I had this toy too - very cool. Stiff competition for the ViewMaster - remember that?

    Howard Levy